Incorporation of companies in over 30 jurisdictions via our selected agents with whom we have professional relationships.

Other Corporate Services Include:

  • Provision of nominee shareholders and directors
  • Company Secretarial services including Registered Offices
  • Advisory services on Joint Ventures, Trademark Registration, Group Structures etc.
  • Corporate Migrations and Amalgamations
  • Corporate Restructuring

Administration of Funds, long or short, public or private. See: chanceryfunds.net for more information

Formation and Advice on Trusts

Advice from specialist practising trust barristers who draft bespoke trust deeds depending on the client's special requirements.

Company Accounting via our Back Office Accounting Operation in Mauritius

  • Costs are substantially less than Hong Kong and other well-known jurisdictions.
  • Accounts are prepared online, in real time via dedicated servers.
  • Accounts are password protected.
  • Clients may observe the preparation of accounts as the information is being inputted by qualified accountants.
  • Accounts are prepared to pre-audit standards.
    • Costs are as little as US$100 a DAY.